Mark Wilson

An Open Letter to Jennifer Nettles
Dear Jennifer Nettles,
Please come back to country radio. I watched your concert on AXS TV over the weekend. I turned you up to sing to me while I was barbecuing.
I enjoyed several songs that I hadn't heard before and loved it when you finally got around to "Baby Girl...
Enjoy Pence
I've heard mostly complaining about the vice presidential visit disrupting traffic and peoples' lives. But, if you wanted to, you could look on the bright side.
My Addiction to Gadgets
I must be easily persuaded to buy things that I don't need or don't know how well they work.
Let's start with these little "jobbers" for cleaning glasses. They don't. But I DID get 10 of them for $ 3.99.
Other bad gadgets in my collection include:

Sham Wow towels, a one-size-fits-every-size o…
THAT Friend
If you're in a relationship, then chances are that your significant other has THAT friend. You know, the one who talks guy/gal into things that you wish they wouldn't do.
All Things Hammer
I was doing some organizing in my shop over the weekend and found five hammers. FIVE of them. And this isn't even all of the ones that I own!

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