Mark Wilson

Custer Traffic Control
So, yesterday, when I was leaving Custer after dropping off their metal detector, I got this shot. I call it, "Every traffic control device in Custer."
Friday Fragments - 5/17/19
The truck speed limit got bumped up a little bit in Montana this week.
My golf advice is always, "Take a cart."
Only one birdie this week. But I didn't play as much.
I consistently do 5 mph over the speed limit when I'm on Main Street and I am almost ALWAYS the slowest vehic…
My "Moving Day" Rules
There aren't many folks I'd help move anymore. But if you own a pickup and, God forbid, a trailer, you will, at some point, get asked to help somebody move.
What I Want at My Funeral
I attended a couple of memorial services over the weekend. I've always felt that these services are a form of closure for loved ones, but are rarely a complete tribute to the one who is gone.

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