Another Iconic Restaurant Has Closed
I was so bummed the other day when I ran over to Laurel and noticed that the Owl Cafe was closed down and for sale. I realize that this is old news for those that live in Laurel or those that go to Laurel frequently, but I don't make it over there very often and just saw this the other day...
Will Rocks In The Dog Bowl Save My Grass?
Dog Rocks are naturally occurring para-magnetic igneous rock from Australia that claims to be "100% Natural & Proven" and helps remove tin, ammonia and other impurities in dog urine that burn these unsightly yellow patches into the yard.
Brooding or Nesting?
I recently went to mow the lawn and as I was cleaning up miscellaneous stuff off the grass prepping for the big job, I noticed I had a resident living under my tree in my front yard.

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