Billings Ranks Second America's Hung-Over Cities
We just learned that Billings was one of the top cities for beer drinkers.  With more than 40 bars and seven breweries. Drinkers, we have our work cut out for us.
But now we have ranked second on the list of most hung-over cities in America...
10 Bar Essentials for Home
The all- knowing bartender. It's sort of a magical or even a mystical veil they hold over us. How can they remember all those drinks?  Why does my drink always taste better at the bar?  Why can't I create cocktails like a bartender?
Because they have all the tools...
10 Billings Shopping spots for the Holidays.
Are you ready for the holidays? It's only the week of Thanksgiving and I'm already being asked that. No, I'm not read; haven't even started yet.
You can park downtown in one of the decks, so you won't have to scrape your windows.  All 10 places listed below are within wa…
Make Christmas Right for Kids
I know I have been talking a lot about the Roaddog Holiday Jam and Toy Run, but to me it's a worthy cause and should be talked about.
These guys provide 75 percent of the toys that the Salvation Army gives away in our local area. That is a major amount and it's not an easy thing to do...
10 Places Closed on Thanksgiving in Billings
Black Friday now actually starts on Thanksgiving for some stores. Not all stores support this idea though. Some stores are choosing to be closed all day on Thanksgiving and open for Black Friday -- actually on Friday.
The idea is to promote spending more time with family and friends during the holida…
How Smart Are Montana Residents?
Do you think your neighbors, friends and co-workers are intelligent?  The Washington Post recently did an article on the smartest and dumbest states in the nation.  It was based on IQ, SAT scores, ACT scores and college graduates in the state...
What Bars Support What Football Teams
Ok, so I've heard that Tiny's is a Broncos bar and Bone's Brewing is a Steelers bar.  But what about the Nebraska bar or a Colt's hang out?
It's great to go to any old bar and see your game and most bars do show all the games.  But it's even more fun to head ou…
10 Holiday Gigs
Who doesn't love the holidays? But paying for them is another story. Ever think about picking up a seasonal job? Lots of places are looking for extra help this holiday season.
1. Kohl's
2. Costco
3. Target
4.  Hastings
Vets Eat Free
Can't express enough gratitude to our military and their families. I just love that there are at least 20 restaurants, many of them right here in Billings, where veterans and active duty military -- and sometimes their families -- can eat free or get a free cup of coffee on Veterans Day...

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