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Are You Getting A Flu Shot? (POLL)
At my annual physical this week, they offered a couple different vaccinations. One was a tetanus shot that also protects against whooping cough. The nurse said I due for that one since it's been 10 years. So she stuck me with that one.
Favorite Road Trip Routes Across Montana
The road trip route can be more important than the destination for a drive across the Treasure State. Jumping off the interstate can turn into a full day of discovering new parks, landmarks, and eateries.
Where Do You Set Your Thermostat?
According to a Consumer Reports study, you can save about 3 percent on your electric bill for every degree you raise the thermostat setting. So theoretically you would save about 30 percent if you raise the temp from 72 to 82 degrees.
So You Think You Know The Breakfast Flakes?
There are a lot of Flakes trivia questions most of you would already know the answers to. What famous female singer is rumored to have a restraining order against Mark Wilson? How does Paul really feel about Jon Tester? Do the Breakfast Flakes take too much vacation? All pretty easy to answer.
That Was An Expensive Mistake
The national average for water utilities is $40 a month. My monthly water bill was falling between $25 and $35 a month for the past year. Until I opened my latest water bill.

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