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Internet vs. Calls
I think today was the first time that I got more communication from listeners through Facebook, Messaging, and Snapchat than we did from the telephone.
Pretend Construction: How Would You Improve Billings?
We were talking about the massive construction project that's going to disrupt traffic on 27th street this summer. And that got me to thinking. If money wasn't an object, and the project would make getting to your destination just that much easier, what would you build?
5 Things I Can Buy With 31 Cents
Thanks to a tremendous refund from my former cable provider, I now hold a check for 31 cents. I can't shop at the "EVERYTHING'S A DOLLAR" store but I did find FIVE items I could pick up from Amazon with three dimes and a penny
Can We Stop Caravans Without Border Wall?
The migrant caravan continues to get closer to our border. Any way you look at it, it must be stopped, preferably in Mexico. Our country cannot let an invasion of 10,000 people cross our border and overrun a city here.

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