I'm not a country music DJ, I'm the News/Talk guy. That being said, two of my favorite new songs to listen to are both by country singer Jon Pardi: "Heartache Medication" and "Night Shift."

Heartache medication is one of my favorites to listen to on Montana road trips cause it reminds me of any good small town Montana bar. (By the way- have you seen the "Guys in a small town bar" video? It is classic.)

Our producer Travis Lee likes to play Pardi's hit "Night Shift" whenever I'm bragging about how much I love my Sleep Number bed. (By the way- shameless plug...if Mr. Pardi is reading this...Sleep Number has locations across Montana- Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Missoula...just in case you're looking for a good wedding gift)

Now, I don't typically pay too much attention to celebrity news. But when I cover Montana news, and saw that Jon Pardi and Summer Duncan are planning a Montana wedding-- I had to share.

Here's the word from People magazine:

“I love Montana,” Pardi told PEOPLE Wednesday on the CMA red carpet. “I’ve been going there for about 10 years. My friends have a ranch out there.”

Duncan has yet to visit Montana, Pardi says, but they’ll remedy that situation with a visit before the wedding. They’ve already picked a venue overlooking Yellowstone National Park, and he anticipates about 200 names on their guest list.



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