It's just the beginning. This morning on my way to work I noticed the price of gas went up again. 3.79 and rising. I think for every 20 cent increase in price the democrats can count on losing a house seat. It's already 2 bucks higher than it was under Trump so I think that's worth at least 10 house seats.

We still are importing Russian oil and now the Democrats are turning away from President Biden. This morning Nancy Pelosi said we absolutely need to stop buying Russian oil. Last night Linsey Graham said they could get 75 votes in the Senate to stop that immediately. If you watched the state of the union address Biden emphasized buying American and supporting American jobs.

So why are we buying all of our oil from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and all the other Opeckers in the Middle east? Buy American, we all agreed with that. The people who are so concerned about changing the weather have control of him now and don't care if they ruin a free economy. It's in the best interest of our national security that we are not energy-dependent.

The pressure is mounting on the White House to the point where something has to give. Keep in mind that people tend to vote with their pocketbooks and they are really taking a hit now, not only with fuel but everything else.

See ya at the spelling Bee Saturday, the last one in our career that turned 34 this week.

Have a great weekend!

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