Do you mind that some of your federal Tax dollars are spent on Public Radio? Did you even know that they were? Well, they are.

I looked online to find an exact amount but that seems to be somewhat of a secret. All I could find was that they get roughly 25% of their operating budget from taxpayers or roughly 40 million dollars.

I'm against this for many reasons. First, obviously, this competes with all of us working hard in radio that have to rely on quality programming to make our money. And there is no guarantee that radio stations will make enough to keep the doors open.

Another issue is that America doesn't have any extra money to spend on things like this. And, quite frankly, if what these guys were saying was popular, you'd be making tons of money and not relying on my money to pay your way.

I see that the CBC/Radio Canada has just asked their government for 400 MILLION dollars so that they can be "Ad free". Good luck with that.