Every year my wife and I have gone out, battling the crowds, trying to find the perfect gifts for our kids to open on Christmas morning. Store after store. Hour after hour. It has been a battle to say the least every single year especially with as many kids as we have. The list seems to grow with the passing of yet another Christmas.

This year we have been super busy not being able to head out to the stores. To save Christmas we decided to do something different. Late at night, after the kids had gone to bed, we jumped on the computer to shop online for presents.

No fighting the crowds, no trying to find a babysitter while we shopped, no loading and unloading the car, just a simple point and click. Online shopping has saved our Christmas this year.

The downfall though was it didn't support the local economy. I do like to support local, but in the wake of everything that has happened with us this year, this was the way to make things happen.

What do you prefer? Online shopping or traditional?