As some of you may already know, back in the day, Nickelodeon used to run short cartoons between shows as a way to fill time here and there. The cartoons they ran were exceedingly cool most of the time. We wish the children's network still ran stuff like this.

But thanks to YouTube and all of the people obsessed with cataloging everything that ever existed, we can at least watch the old ones again. So we're very thankful to the Internet gods for that. Otherwise, we might not get to spend three minutes watching this cartoon of a fat, sleeping dog dream about its favorite activity.

Every time we watch it, we're filled with envy over that sleepy half-smile. Sleeping on the floor typically isn't very comfortable, but there must be something special about that orange rug. We'll probably never know.

And most intriguing is whatever's going on in the background. Does this dog live with lumberjacks or something? Why are people cutting down trees? Ultimately, it doesn't matter. Our hero barely stirs. The climax comes around the 1:20 mark, which is the only time the dog does anything other than breathe deeply. We must admit, it's our favorite part.

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