Everyone knows about the Flakes' annual listener vacation. We take more than 100 people, including two guests who won the grand prize of an all-inclusive trip with us to paradise. And we do it in style!

In past years, we’ve gone on cruises and traveled all over Mexico. This year, we spent seven days in Jamaica. We're already making plans for next year.

For more than a decade, we've been partnering with Travel Cafe – Montana’s Travel Agency, but not all of our listeners might realize how much time and money these experts can save them. With Google and online booking agencies, most people have forgotten just what a local travel agency can do. A few years ago, our cruise ship broke down mid-cruise on one of our listener trips. Thankfully, we were able to get to shore and the team at Travel Café were able to find hotel rooms and flights home for 103 people without ANY additional cost to us. Can you believe that? We can only imagine what would have happened without their expertise — and we know we couldn't have gotten that type of help from an online vacation booking site – not in a million years!

Then last year, there was a big snowstorm coming through Minneapolis and we wanted to avoid the chaos and potential delays at the airport. So we called our rep at Travel Cafe, and she was able to get us out a day early – again with no additional costs.

The kind of personalized attention Travel Cafe offers on our big trips is available to all their clients, no matter how many people are traveling. Aside from accessing private offers and special deals, they take the time to learn your interests so they can find the perfect excursions and activities for you. Do you like to swim? Do you want to snorkel? Do you want to explore local attractions? In the long run, they often save their clients money and time compared to what they would have spent booking a vacation themselves.

They can give you friendly advice, such as which areas are travel friendly and which areas you should avoid if you're traveling to a new place. If something goes wrong, you know who you can call and you know the person who answers the phone will be familiar with you, your family and your needs.

We highly recommend you give Travel Cafe a call at 406-259-0999 to see how they can help you with your travel needs!