This is a big week around here. We spend an entire week raising money to feed families. 1500 families.

If you find yourself in tough financial times right now, then come on down to Metrapark this Saturday and get a meal for you and your family. We require no proof of income, or for that matter, ANY paperwork. If you need a meal, then come get one.

If you're making a donation, meals cost us 27 dollars apiece this year. Make checks payable to "Flakesgiving Fund".

Meals include: a 10-12 lb turkey, 10 lbs of potatoes, 2 boxes of mac & cheese, 2 pkgs of gravy mix, a box of stuffing, celery, a can of corn and a can of black olives, and a package of rolls. The rolls are all donated by the folks at Franz Bakery. (Thank you!)

Chris White of Albertsons gets us the groceries at the lowest possible price and also supplies the banana boxes that we put the meal in. (Saving us additional dollars) Alberstons corporate also chips in $5000.00 to help keep the cost down for us.

99% of the donations go towards food. We no administrative costs.

The whole idea is to have families have a Thanksgiving meal together that they might not have otherwise been able to have.

If you want to come pick up a a meal, we will hand them out Saturday at 12 noon at the Metra.

Thansk to everybody who gives us their money and their time for this event.