Victory after victory after victory for President Trump. That was how I opened up Friday morning's statewide radio show. From the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade, to the confirmation of Montana's Lawrence VanDyke to help end the liberal dominance on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and more- it was a great week for President Trump last week.

But what about impeachment? You may ask. That's also a victory for President Trump, and a huge embarrassment for Congressional Democrats that has now forced one Congressional Democrat to switch parties to the GOP.

Shortly after the show wrapped up Friday, The Washington Examiner featured a headline- "Hidden by Impeachment, One of Trump's Best Weeks Yet."


While the media and his critics focused on the bitterly divided House impeachment hearings, President Trump this week collected the most agenda wins yet, policy victories, including some backed by Democrats, that bolster arguments he’s making for reelection, according to advisers and analysts.

From adding judges to foreign policy, trade, immigration, defense spending, and China, Trump added several more achievements he will tout when he hosts his next campaign rally, standing in front of a 2020 “Promises Kept” sign.


Here's my audio from Friday's show:



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