I was born and raised in Great Falls. And we have a lot of GF folks that live here in Billings and listen to our show. Every so often, I'll get a call from somebody who's headed there for a kids athletic event and they want to know the places to see while they have some downtime.

Giant Springs is always the first suggestion that I make. The water bubbling up out of those gorgeous springs comes from 60 miles away and takes 50 years to get there!

Most of the water dumps into the Missouri River, and some of it forms the shortest river in the United States, The Roe. The Roe is river is just 200 feet long.

The park also includes a fish hatchery where kids can feed the fish and see fish in all different sizes   So next time you've got some extra time in Great Falls, grab a sandwich and spend some time sitting out on the concrete where the water meets the river.