Granger Smith is a road warrior who spends most of his days playing festivals and his own headlining shows throughout the U.S. As a result, fans get a feel for the singer's energetic live show throughout his "If the Boot Fits" video.

The nearly three-minute clip begins with a close of up Smith's boots as he and his band head out to take the stage. Shots cut to the audience as they hold up their boots high for the cameras at his concerts. Plenty of girls are on their boyfriend's shoulders as they snap photos of Smith and his band while they perform the sweet song, which was inspired by the rising star's own daughter.

As Granger previously explained to Taste of Country, the idea behind his decision to record "If the Boot Fits" sparked from his oldest child, 4-year-old London. He recalls that the very first movie he and his daughter watched together was Cinderella, and as a result she loves the character. In the song — penned by Jordan M. Schmidt, Andy Albert and Mitchell Tenpenny — Smith tells a love story in which he fits his princess with a boot instead of a glass slipper.

"They can appreciate that I was able to combine Chevy trucks and Cinderella into this song," Smith says of his fans.

"Just a small town Cinderella / Daddy wants you back home by midnight every time we're together / Yeah, that's my dilemma / I need more time with ya / I wanna watch the sunrise through the pines with ya," he sings to begin the song.

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