Hannah Blaylock has commented publicly for the first time since her departure from Edens Edge was announced on March 1. In a series of Twitter posts, the founding member of the trio wished her former band mates well, saying it's time to pursue new dreams.

Band members Dean Berner and Cherrill Green announced Blaylock's departure in posts to their website and Facebook, saying she left “on her own accord and with much disappointment” after her final show with the trio at the Grand Ole Opry.

"Hey y’all. Dreams and visions change and that’s life and that’s ok. And even though change is hard sometimes, it’s what can promote the best kind of growth,” Blaylock explains of her leaving.

“I am here to say, I have stepped down as a member of Edens Edge. I don’t know the future -- but I do know singing is my life and country music is my soul and its fans are the best fans there is," she continued. "I’m the luckiest girl in the world & so privileged to know & have met all of you. You have brought a love & a light into my life that I never knew before I am so thankful and so grateful for all the blessings and opportunities I have been given. I can’t say that enough."

Blaylock ended on a sentimental note to her old friends: "I wish Dean and Cherrill the most success, happiness, &  fulfillment in the world. The times we have shared together I hold dear to my heart. Let’s keep on chasing our dreams and loving people along the way. Hope to see you on the road.”

Edens Edge released their self-titled debut album on Big Machine Records in 2012. They have scored two Top 40 hits; 'Amen' in 2011, and 'Too Good to be True' in 2012. Berner and Green have confirmed that they are no longer working with Big Machine, but they evidently plan to continue as a duo.

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