I truly hope that this woman stays home this year and every year from now on. She selfishly ruined the fun for everyone who followed her.

The big question is, if we are not going to show our kids what is right and what is wrong, then who will? Manners are a long lost dream.

She took her kid trick-or-treating last year and was caught on camera taking all of the candy one house left outside for trick-or-treaters.

The owner of the house left this note on the YouTube description:

Away from home, we left full-sized candy bars outside with a note, ‘Help yourself but be considerate!’ We figured a group of kids would probably end up taking all of the candy at one point during the night, but everyone was really considerate…until this upstanding mother came to save the day.

All in all she took more than 50 candy bars from this house. Even worse is the example that she left her child. A total disgrace.

It's amazing how many 'children' before her were respectful to all have it boil down to this so called adult.

All I can say is...wow...please don't ever do this.

Check it out for yourself.