We recently learned that Montana is one of the fittest states in America, but does that mean we don't have time to binge watch television? Yes, no, kinda? Yeah. 

Granted, we may not live in the United States "couch potato belt" consisting of mostly Southern states, but how much television do people in Montana actually watch? According to Estately:

West Virginia residents have the idiot box on an average of 3 hours, 37 minutes per day, nearly double that of Wyoming. And if you think West Virginians are just watching more educational documentaries than the rest of us then the next map will shoot that theory down.


As for Montana? Sure, we will spend most of our time hiking, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. But we will be damned if we miss our favorite TV shows! Montana residents get around 150 minutes of tube time per day. Still, well below average.

(Get the full breakdown of television watching habits across the U.S. here)

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