Recently I went to an unnamed store after it had snowed the other night. As I pulled into the parking lot, it was obviously very slick. Snow had been scraped away, but the underlying ice was still there.

As I tried to find a spot to park, I noticed on the far side of the of the lot some paramedics attending to an elderly man who had fallen. It looked as if he was hurt badly.

I parked and got out of my truck to head inside and nearly fell myself. I held together as I watched other shoppers going in and out of the store having the same dilemma. Most of us managed to make it to our destinations. A few laughs, a few curse words and other emotions were felt as we proceeded through this trial.

Not once did I see anyone from this store trying to lay down ice melter or do anything to prevent someone else from getting hurt. This bothered me.

I had already witnessed one very hurt man and saw many others almost in the same situation, including me. It seemed to me that they were more interested with earning that almighty dollar than having any concern for those that keep them in business.

I pray for that man and hope he is ok. I also hope he gets the store to cover his medical costs.

What do you say?