We joke a lot about the amount of Californians that are moving to Montana. Just about daily, you will see a post about an invasion of Californians on social media. With people going as far as trying to disguise their California license plates to stay under the local's radar. Some people even take it a little too far with the amount of ridicule. But, the numbers do show that California is shrinking in population every day. But, are they really ALL flocking to Montana?

It appears the mass exodus from California continues.

Rumors were swirling that so many people are moving out of California, that U-Haul couldn't keep up with the demand for rentals leaving the state.

We looked into this claim a little further, and according to Snopes, it is TRUE.

U-Haul reported that it had rented out so many trucks to Californians moving out of the state that it ran out of inventory. Now, out-migration from California has picked up, doubling since the beginning of the pandemic, but most importantly, far fewer people have moved to California than in the past. In 2021, California lost a congressional seat due to its population contraction for the first time.

Where are all the trucks going?

It appears that not ALL of the Uhaul trucks leaving California are heading to Montana. In fact, according to 10news.com, the majority of the rentals are ending up in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida.

Since U-Haul relies on people returning rentals back to the place they came from, or acquiring rentals from drop-offs, they are having a hard time finding more supply. More rentals are leaving on one-way trips. There is even a rumor floating that you can get paid just to simply drive a U-Haul to California. But we were unable to confirm if that is true.

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