What Does AI Think Montana Cities Look Like

Artificial intelligence is going to change the world, according to some experts.

On the flip side of that coin, some experts say it could actually destroy the world. Meanwhile, I'm using it to create funny pictures of Montana cities as people.

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A robot hand representing ai holds a paint brush and leaves a red stroke of paint

Can AI Correctly Represent Montana Cities?

While there are going to be some amazing uses of AI in the future, a few groups are a bit leery of it.

Singers, artists, actors—basically anyone in the arts realm—is nervous that they'll be replaced.

I don't blame them, as studios and record labels are always looking to maximize profit, and if they can get the same product without having to pay a human, they'll do it in a heartbeat.

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A robot reading a digital tablet

AI Has A Long Way To Go Before They Take Away Jobs

If the photos you are about to see below are any indication of the ability of AI to create art, for now at least, artists can rest easy.

Still, there is reason for them to be concerned, as AI is constantly learning and improving, and who knows where we'll be in a decade?

Just for fun, however, we asked AI to create some of the biggest Montana cities but personify them.

The results are as horrifying as they are hilarious.

What Does AI Think Montana Cities Look Like?

We asked an AI Image Generator to create Montana cities if they were people.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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