New Change to Shipping Perks at Sam's Club in Montana

There are times that I curse technology.  It can be overwhelming when you think about how much stuff is controlled by it.


Then there are times when I can't believe how I managed without it.  Being able to have the world at your fingertips is amazing.  Until you start to get charged for it.


Shipping Stuff to Montana Made Extremely Easy Anymore

Finding certain items that aren't available in store in our city online with a retailer is more and more available.  Especially if you use membership services from retailers that offer it.  Costco and Sam's Club are easy ones to think of.

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And the savings were built into your membership fees.  Such as not having to pay for shipping on an item that wasn't available.  But now, Sam's Club is making a change that isn't setting well with members, me included.

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No More Free Shipping Announcement from Sam's Club for Members

I don't order a large amount online, but the convenience is nice.  But Sam's Club is now making a change to that membership.  In an email sent to members before the July 4th holiday, it was announced that Sam's Club would no longer offer free shipping to members.

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Free shipping is now offered for orders over $50 only.  Previously, paid members were afforded free shipping on all orders.  Now those less than the $50 amount will also be tagged with an $8 deliver fee.

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