While many hard-core grillers will tell you that grilling season is all year long, the truth is that summer is by far the most popular time to grill here in Montana.

As someone who knows his way around a grill (it is one of my passions), I love trying new things on my pellet grill. Whether it's a new way to prepare protein or some side that goes along with the main dish, the options are endless.

We all have our favorites. I love doing steaks, pork, and chicken on the grill. Some folks keep it simple with hamburgers and hot dogs, others do brisket or ribs. There isn't much you can't make on a grill, so the question is, when it comes to grilling in Montana, what is our favorite thing to prepare?

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The folks over at Eat This, Not That looked at online searches from each state to determine what was the most popular thing folks in all 50 states were grilling and when it comes to Montana, well, you might be a little surprised.

Before we reveal what Montanans love grilling, lets check out some of the best bar-b-q spots in the state.

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What is Montana's favorite thing to grill?

Bison? No. Elk? That's not it either. Ok, well then it has to be Montana beef, right? You would think so, but nope. According to the site and online searches, the most popular food to grill in Montana is...pineapple.

Listen, I couldn't believe it either. I love pineapple and it certainly goes well with grilling, but the most popular thing to grill in Montana? Really? Apparently so, or at least according to online searches. So, for those planning those backyard get-togethers, you might want to have pineapple on the menu next time.

What about you? What is your favorite thing to grill? Send us a message on our radio station app.

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