Released February 15th, 2023 by the Attorney General of Montana, Austin Knudsen. Edited for readability.

AG Knudsen filed a lawsuit in federal court today to challenge Portland, Oregon, and their policies blocking fuel transport through Oregon, limiting the ability of Montana energy products to be distributed regionally and internationally.

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In 2015, Portland began blocking the transport of fuel through the state, by prohibiting the construction or expansion of existing transportation infrastructure used to transport fuel outside of our region. According to AG Knudsen, Portland adopted more zoning regulations in 2016, 2019, and 2022 to further block transport.

“American energy independence, which is critical for our national security and economic well-being, depends on reliable infrastructure to move products to consumers. The Portland government is artificially and intentionally preventing new and expanded infrastructure in order achieve its politically motivated ‘climate action plan,’” Attorney General Knudsen said. “Further, Portland’s hypocritical policies kneecap Montana industries and workers from getting our energy products to market while trying to protect its own citizens from the consequences of its short-sighted actions.”

Right now, Portland is a critical hub for energy distribution thanks to its deep-water seaport, rail network, road network, and pipelines. AG Knudsen's office explains:

The challenged policies and zoning regulations intentionally discriminate in favor of local users, unreasonably burden interstate commerce, interfere with intermodal and rail transportation, and serve no legitimate local purpose. Therefore, they violate the Dormant Commerce Clause, Foreign Commerce Clause, and Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit is asking the court to permanently prevent the city of Portland from taking further action to enforce or implement fossil fuel terminal ordinance and related policies.

To read more, click the source link below.


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