Have plans on making some modifications to your vehicle? If you want your car street-legal in Montana, there are some things you need to know.

You might not believe it, but Montana has folks passionate about modifying their vehicles. When people think of modified cars, they think of sports cars or convertibles, but many Montanans modify their trucks. Whether this entails lifting it several inches or adding a rolling rack, people love making changes to their vehicles to either improve them or show off their personality.

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Many states have rules and laws when it comes to modifying vehicles. These laws can cover aspects of modding cars or trucks like window tint, sound systems, and more.

Does Montana have laws or rules for modifying cars or trucks? Montana might not have many, but we found a few you should know about.

Photo by Drew Lindsley via Unsplash
Photo by Drew Lindsley via Unsplash

Here are three things to know about modifying your vehicle in Montana.

  1. Mufflers-Mufflers must work properly and must prevent unusual or loud noise. This means you can't add muffler bypasses, cutouts, or other devices to amplify the sound of your muffler.
  2. Window Tinting-I didn't think Montana had laws regarding window tint, but we do. Windows can't be tinted fully dark. Front windows must allow 24% of light through, while back windows have to allow 14% of light through.
  3. Lights-Back lights must emit white light, and red lamps are not permitted on the front of vehicles. Undercarriage lights or decorative plate covers that emit light must not be illuminated while the vehicle is in motion on streets or highways.

That seems simple enough, right? Some people might ask about sound systems, engine, or suspension modifications, but here's the truth, Montana has no current laws or rules when it comes to those alterations.

Montana has a suggestion that vehicles don't reach over 14 feet high. That rule is in place because Montana has many low overpasses, and you could turn your truck into a convertible if you aren't paying attention.

Photo by Jonathan Gallegos via Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Gallegos via Unsplash

Montana is one of the most laid-back states for vehicle modifications, but remember, if you plan on taking your modded car or truck to another state, you might be breaking the law there. Be careful.

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