Luke Bryan's dog, Choc, got into the trash as a form of "retaliation" after his family were gone for a few days, and his apologetic face after he got caught is something every dog owner can relate to.

Choc is a chocolate lab, and he apparently wasn't too happy when the Bryan family "left town for a few days," as Bryan's wife, Caroline, writes on Instagram.

She posted a video clip of Choc up on the kitchen counter, where he has opened the trash compartment and strewn much of the contents around the room.

"This was his retaliation," she writes, adding, "You're grounded Choc. You terd."

Choc appears startled when Caroline catches him on video, looking at the camera with a comical, "Oh no, I'm busted!" look before making his way along the edge of the sink and hopping down. He approaches with a hopeful wag of the tail as a way of apologizing for his destructive behavior as the clip ends.

It's not unusual for Choc to make appearances on the Bryan family's social media. The very animal-friendly family — who also have a large assortment of different animals as part of a project called Brett's Barn — dote on him, as Caroline Bryan previously displayed in a picture she caught of her superstar husband giving Choc a loving hug.

"He hugs Choc with more emotion than me," the post reads. "I usually get a slap on the ass. #amanandhisdog."

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