A Tweet posted by sporting goods clothing retailer @Lids (and shared on Facebook by NFL on CBS) has lots of football fans questioning the legitimacy of its infographic. ICYMI, here is the Tweet.

And here is a better image of the Top Selling NFL Players Jersey graphic.

Credit: Lids via Twitter
Credit: Lids via Twitter

Notice anything strange?

Every state has a favorite NFL player jersey... EXCEPT for Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Vermont. According to Lids, the top-selling team gear in Montana is Raiders merch, but apparently, they were unable to track which PLAYER sells the most jerseys in Big Sky Country. As you can imagine, some of the internet comments are pure gold. Here are a few of the best that I saw.

"Has there not been one shirt sold in Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming?" - Frank D.

"It’s illegal to wear NFL jerseys in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming." - Zack S.

"Apparently there are several states where people don’t wear clothes." - Steve C.

"Us over here in Wyoming.... ask the owner of the sports store in Cheyenne what they sell most of. He will tell you Demarcus Ware" - Amber R.

"I live in MT and bought 4 Mahomes jerseys. Color Big Sky Country red!" - Travis L.

"Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming just don't care. That's beautiful." - Kaitee N.

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Montana is a melting pot of NFL fans.

Montana is not exactly diverse in many ways, but we seem to have a really broad mix of NFL fans. There are quite a few Bronco supporters around Montana and there are tons of NFC fans here too. The Packers, Vikings, and Bears are all fairly popular teams around here from what I've noticed. I've also met a handful of die-hard Dolphins fans, Seahawk fans, Patriot lovers, Buccaneers, and more than a few Raiders supporters. Who's your team?

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