Keith Urban and his fans wound up getting a huge surprise when the country superstar invited a young musician onstage with him at a show in Canada Friday night (Sept. 16).

Urban was performing at Rogers Place in Edmonton, and he invited a teenage girl named Hailey Benedict onstage, which he shared to his YouTube channel in the video above.

When he asks Benedict to name her dream job, she shyly says, "Singer-songwriter," causing him to exclaim, "Yes!" and pump his fist in the air. Turning to address her mother in the audience, he says, "Mom, I would support that."

He asks her if she already writes songs and can play guitar, and when she answers yes to both, he surprises her by calling for one of his guitars that's already wired into the sound system, saying, "I gotta hear this."

Urban adorably serves as guitar tech for Benedict, helping her prepare to play. "This is work experience, right here, right now," Urban tells the elated girl as he helps her get situated with a stool and mic. "You guys are so much like my daughters," he adds to her and a friend who accompanies her onstage, who admits she cannot sing and wants to pursue gymnastics.

A beaming Benedict then goes on to wow the crowd with a heartfelt and surprisingly professional rendition of one of her own songs that showcases a strong sense of melody, giving a powerful vocal performance in quite a high key.

The crowd roars at the end of her song, and Urban jumps up from where he's been crouched behind Benedict, trying not to steal her spotlight as she performs, to give her an enthusiastic hug, saying "Very good, Hailey! And now you've got YouTube footage of you playing at the Rogers Center."

According to her own YouTube channel, Benedict is 14 years old and is already very active in the music scene in Alberta, with a long and impressive list of credits. Among the songs on her channel is a very recent cover of Urban's "Somebody Like You," which she posted on Sept. 14.

"Hey everyone! If you know me then you know that I absolutely adore Keith Urban and love covering his songs," she wrote. "This is my cover of 'Somebody Like You' from Keith's 2000 album Golden Road. This song just makes me feel happy and I hope you feel the same after you hear it too!"

We suspect Benedict has already updated her resume to include, "Played with Keith Urban at the Rogers Center" as this footage sweeps the internet. Take a look at the amazing event in the video above.

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