Over the weekend my family and I took the very short little drive to Lake Elmo in Billings.

This was the first of our trips to see lakes, rivers and waterfalls this Spring and Summer in Montana. We plan on going through much of the state this summer to see what we can find and can't wait to get on the road to see the Beauty the Treasure State holds.

As we arrived there was still a little chill in the air and the few clouds above didn't hold back the sun. It was a very nice day to go see the water.

What we would see would come to surprise all of us. It was really cool.

You had people fishing from the dock, shore and of course boats. People running the trail that goes around the lake and others just hanging around taking it all in. We talked with several people during the 2+ hours we were there and it just seemed like everyone was thinking what we were thing. "Just get rid of winter and let the spring come in."

There was a newness in the air, almost a freshness that spoke of a new beginning and was very refreshing.

It was all very nice but the thing that surprised us the most was a bird that was hunting. I think it was a Falcon but couldn't get a good enough view to see for sure.

I was sitting on one of the benches watching it when I looked down for a second. My my yelled for me to look and when I turned my head back toward it, it nose dived into the water, grabbed a fish and flew away. It was no more than 40 feet away when it did this. Awesome! This spoke Montana to me like I have never heard before.

If you get a chance to cruise out to it, I suggest so. It is there just waiting for you and me to come back and say hi.

Below are some more picture of our little trip to Lake Elmo.