You know it was just three weeks ago we were basking in some 80 degree temperatures. Hold on to that feeling.


If you missed it this morning, while the farmer was giving the forecast…the word snow came out of his mouth. That’s right, snow! We can't believe it's time for those fall snow storms in Montana.


There are some areas that have a winter storm watch in effect through Wednesday night. The higher elevations are more than likely going to see “butt deep” snow – according to Paul. We’re talking elevations above 6500 feet. 

Some of the areas around us that could see some snow included: Northern Park, Red Lodge Foothills, Paradise Valley, the Beartooth foothills and the Livingston area.

And for those that need a brush up on their weather terminology a Winter Weather advisory is issued by the Weather service when winter weather is possible. It means there is the threat of a potential significant snow fall.


I wonder if they’ve ever considered using a color system like we had for a while for terror alert?