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As I sat down for my daily "hunt and peck" fest that is my typing, I decided to be less serious today.

Now you're probably saying, "A picture of Mark golfing. Shocking". But I say, "That's not just me. That's also Rockin' Rodney, legendary overnight radio announcer and wearer of the KGVO moose suit back in the '80s. (Until somebody barfed in the mouth of the suit and we never got a new suit).

And he and I also drove across Washington to see a Tina Turner concert at the Tacoma Dome. I can't share all of the details of that trip, of course. But we had a great time.

So Rodney was in town this summer, and we got together and played some golf, and that's the last thing that we did together.

Now let's talk about you. Or, more specifically, you AND me.

A lot of you who read these articles know me well. Many don't. But either way, I'd like to hear from you about your favorite memory involving you and me.

For Whitey, Matty, Burnsy, Songer, Curt Cline, and probably several others, the memories will be golf-related.

For Tim and Mitch, it involves Jake's Lobster Bisque. Although, both of those two have many great adventures to choose from should they choose to share a story.

So, did we have a beverage together somewhere? Maybe we spent some time together in Mexico, The Bahamas, or even Jamaica.

I'm curious if I'll get things like "Um, you asked me out and I turned you down. Also, lose my number, loser." There's probably an old girlfriend or two (who probably don't read these) that would love to do some venting about me.

I'll be curious to see what shows up here.

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