The power and influence of women in America has grown exponentially over the years ever since the introduction of the 19th Amendment. But even still, many women are not treated fairly, let alone equal to their male counterparts.

Which state in America is considered best for women's equality? Hint: Not Montana.

WalletHub did a breakout study to determine which state treated their women the best in terms of workplace environments, education rankings, political empowerment and more. According to the report: "We did so by examining 11 key metrics, ranging from the gap between female and male executives to the disparity between women’s and men’s unemployment rates."

The top 5 states for women's equality include:

1. Hawaii
2. New York
3. Illinois
4. Maryland
5. Vermont

46. Wyoming
47. Texas
48. South Carolina
49. Idaho
50. Utah
Montana landed 16th place in the study.


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