One thing that I cannot stand is wasting electricity. Just like you, I pay a lot for it and if it isn't put to good use it will bother me.

One of the kids left the light on in our unfinished basement in the Heights last night and NONE of them would confess who did it. Each one of the boys pointed to the next saying that they were the last one playing down there and that they should have to go turn off the light.

When I asked why none of them wanted to go take care of it, the inevitable answer came out. "I am scared to go down there by myself." I ended up taking all of them down there to turn the light off.

I can understand where they are coming from. Basements, especially unfinished basements can be a little scary in the night time even for some adults.

We didn't have a basement at our house when I was growing up so to see this with them is a little different for me but I do get their fear. I wouldn't have wanted to go downstairs by myself at night if I had this as a kid...mainly because of spiders.

Were you ever scared of the basement? What made you scared to go down there?