Having kids can exclude you from a lot of things. Events, gatherings, bbq's and so much more.

It seems like because you have kids that other people don't want you around for whatever reason.

I am not complaining by any means but my family rarely if ever get invited to anything and when we invite people to our gatherings not many if any will show up. It's like the only people that want to do anything together are the one's that have kids too.

Over the weekend, we were invited to a friend's house where a ton of people showed up. It was awesome. There were a lot of kids running around playing and just having a good time. This allowed the adults to kick back, relax and enjoy each others company for a change.

There was no "Oh my gosh you have way too many kids" stuff going on. We all just cut them loose in the backyard, bbq'd and had a wonderful time. It has been hard to find people that are accepting like that.

I wish this was possible every weekend.

Do you have kids? Do you find it hard to get out and socialize because of them?