Proving that you have to be nuts to want to get into politics, another candidate Democrats were hoping to recruit for Montana's open Senate seat has decided not to run! In a statement yesterday, Stephanie Schriock said the time just wasn’t right for her to throw her hat into the crazy world of the Senate and represent Montana.

Schriock has some experience too. As we told you this morning, she was a part of an earlier campaign with Testers’ 2006 run. And she’s plugged into what’s going on in the Nation’s Capital. She’s currently president of the Washington, D.C.based group Emily's List – that’s a company that helps women get elected to office. So it’s not like she couldn’t hire herself and get the job.

In case you missed it, Senator Baucus' retirement earlier this year has created the need to replace the seat. In fact, this is the first battle for an open Senate seat in the state since the 1970s. But at this point there are no takers or at least no announced front-runners. And Mark and I have contracts until November of next year, so we’re out.