I'm working on the script for a tv commercial to run statewide. It starts with me walking through a field on a bright summer day somewhere green near Lewistown.

And I say something like "I love Montana. I was born here. I choose to live here. And I never want to leave. But the mix of politicians we've had at the helm of our state the last 25 years have taken us in a direction we never wanted to go. I think that it's time for a change. And that's why I'd like you to vote for Paul Mushaben for governor.

He's not tied to any political party. he doesn't owe anybody with any political interest anything.

When he's elected, he'll cut government spending. He'll lower taxes. He'll make penalties on DUI's much more severe. And, trust me, you won't want to be a sexual offender in our state of ANY level.

Paul Mushaben for governor of Montana. It's time to kick some tail in Helena."

Now keep in mind that he's not actually RUNNING for the job, but maybe we can least get him invited to a debate or two and get some good soundbites for our local TV newscasts.


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