As you know, when it comes to politics, the Flakes tend to lean a little to the right.  OK, a lot to the right.  Considering the political divide in our country these days, Paul has come up with an idea to keep everyone happy.

From now on, we should have two separate America's.  One for the left, one for the right.  Each individual can choose which side they wanted to be a part of of.  Here's how Paul envisions this society would work.

Right America would not send one dime of foreign aid to any nation that wasn't an ally.  Left America would be a friend to all countries.  Right America would have market based pay scales.  Left America would have equal pay for all.  Right America would have a flat tax.  Left America would raise corporate taxes to pay for social programs.  Right America would have dress code enforcement for kids.  Left America would encourage the youth to explore their own identity.  Right America would have food programs that provided necessities to families in need.  Left America would hand out pizza and ice cream to anyone who was hungry. In Right America, the price of an airline ticket would be based on total weight.  In Left America, everyone would pay the same.

Which country would you rather live in?