If you happened to watch any of the PGA Championship over the weekend, I was floored by the number of chronic cell phone picture-takers. I'm thinking, how can you enjoy the golf action when you are staring at it like a zombie through your phone? Thousands of arms up in the air for every shot on every hole. If I would have paid to be in the gallery, I would have been furious. You couldn't see anything because of all of the arms in the air.

I saw a great idea that a teacher is doing with her students. She has made a file for her room that when you walk in you leave your phone in it and get it when you leave. Awesome. With silent modes now their attention would obviously be diverted from the lesson of the day. Everyone wants to post and be an instant YouTube star.

I remember when we use to film some sporting events for the grandparents; it was a pain in the butt. The person looking through that screen missed so much. The people of this world are now seeing the world through their mobile devices instead of their own two eyes. I get that people want a few pictures so they have it for posterity reasons, we all would, but just record the whole thing at home and you'll get a much better video and experience. Plus, you might see how foolish everyone looks trying to capture that awkward moment that will make you famous. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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