As you may know, I took a quick trip to see my mom this past weekend. I received word from my family that things weren't good with her all of my siblings and I made the trip to see her while we still could.

Hot Rod Thompson, TSM

We got her all dressed up, took pictures and had lunch.

Even though my mom was physically there, mentally she was not.

Her mind is gone. She struggled to know who we were and to realize what was going on to the point that she gave up, sat down and started crying. I held her and told her that I loved her when she briefly knew who I was. It was hard.

I know that I will never see my mother again and have her know who I am and that breaks my heart.

Today as I I return to work, I accept that fact and try to smile as I remember all the good times we had.

Hold your loved one close to you and tell them every chance you get how you feel about them. There will come a day when you won'y be able to anymore.