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Christmas Music Will Start Soon in Billings
Don't get me wrong. I don't hate ALL Christmas music. But, trust me when I tell you that when your radio job gets close to Christmas day and you go to work and play nothing but Christmas music for an entire six-hour shift, it's going to lose its luster for you.
Keep Montana Out Of The News, Use Metal Detectors
Currently, there are few deterrents or protocols in place to protect the kids. We started a metal detector program for schools and agencies many years ago and have probably sent out 30 or so detectors to schools and other places. Here's is my plea to you, please use them
Montana DOL Sends Strong Letter to BNSF on Vaccine Mandate
Here's my take: huge, powerful companies like BNSF should stop pretending like they're "the little engine that could." Instead, they should stand up for the men and women that power these companies. They should use their power to go after the Biden Administration's federal overreach like a freight train instead of trying to railroad their employees.

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