I heard a really interesting story over the weekend. A friend of ours was telling us about an odd situation that she is dealing with.

Her husband asked her what she would like for Christmas this year and she said she would really like an iPad. I guess he went out and bought one last week and brought it home. Her problem is he has been using it. She asked him and he assured her that it indeed was her gift and that he planned to wipe it clean, wrap it Christmas night and gift it to her Christmas morning.

This really made her mad because she feels the surprise is ruined and that it is wrong that he use her gift right in front of her.

I agree with her. Seems kind of pitiful to me. It was something she asked for and I don't think it is very fair the he gets to use it especially with her knowing all about it. Really takes the excitement out of the whole experience.

What do you think? Have you ever received a used gift? What would you say if this was you?