What's going on?

Almost Drive In Movie Season
The kid and I enjoy going to the drive in every year and I'm excited that we're only a few weeks away from the Amusement Park Drive In opening up. According to their Facebook page, they're shooting for the first weekend of April, so we're only a couple of weeks out.
Your Kids Aren't Grown Until Their 30's
So, for today's parents, do you have an age in mind that you will demand your kids be on their own? I don't mean that you wouldn't give them a place to stay if they needed it or let them starve or any such other cruel thing.
Why Riding Off Into the Sunset Can Be Dangerous
The sun setting in the west isn't exactly new thing, so why am I bringing this up? Here's the point: When the sun is low and you've got westbound traffic, there's always the possibility that drivers don't have great visibility and you should keep it in mind. Even if you h…
How I Kicked Butts
After about a year of being smoke free, I was reading this article on pipe smoking. I have great memories of my dad smoking a pipe and the aroma that it left in the house. I decided I would go get a pipe, some tobacco and simply not inhale. In hindsight, it was a bad plan. Within a month, I was …
Front Row For Billings Big Air Bash
Billings Big Air Bash is Saturday, April 6th, at MetraPark and you've got a chance to win front row seats for the action. All seats at this event are reserved and seating is limited. There are no "bad seats". You'll be able to take in all the action from wherever you are sitting.…
Unlimited Coffee For Five Dollars a Month in Billings
One of my brothers gets a minimum of three Starbucks coffees every day of the week. Counting the tips and taxes, he's in for no less than $15 a day. In other words, he spends a car payment worth of cash on coffee every month, but there is no way in Hell he would go for the sensible cheap coff…
Unsolicited Review of Blaze Pizza
My usual "nobody paid me to do this and I paid for my food" disclaimer is in full effect for this review. I will add to that disclaimer that I only tried one, very basic pizza because when it comes to pizza, that's how I roll.
Any Big Snows Left Before Spring?
Any big snows left before spring? My prediction is we see another couple of snowy days, but no accumulation above an inch for either. If I'm wrong, I won't feel bad. There are many who go to school for this sort of thing and get it wrong all the time (except for Bob McGuire of course).
Good Samaritans in Montana
I won't say the name of the restaurant, because I don't want to get the guy in trouble, but on Sunday, I went to meet some family for dinner. About 10 seconds after I arrived I realized that I had left my wallet at home.
Granger Smith Coming to Billings
Granger Smith puts on a great show and we're excited to see him back at the Pub Station. The Pub Station is a cool concert venue, but it's not huge, so don't wait to get your tickets. They officially go on sale Friday, with a special pre-sale happening for Pub Station Facebook fans
Camping With Kids at Headwaters Country Jam
If we do this, we'll be in a tent and I'd rather use the Cat Country campsite, but if you've got some first hand experience and recommend the family area, I'd love it if you'd share your thoughts in the comments section.
You Can Tell A Lot About Someone by How They Treat Animals
A brief disclaimer before I get into this: I am not an activist, a PETA member (a critic of them in fact), or otherwise. I do not make a cake for my pet's birthday, get him a Christmas present or the like. I believe in the right to hunt and I consume animal flesh on a daily basis. In other w…
Ever Fallen Asleep At Work?
There has been one time when I fell asleep at work and it did coincide with Daylight Saving Time. I was working at a radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee and had to be at work 5 a.m. Sunday mornings. These days, the computer handles playing the songs, but that wasn't the case back then. If …
You Never Know Who's Watching
Headed home on Broadwater yesterday I saw the cops had somebody stopped and they were driving an unmarked car. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the right rear taillight flashing blue
Mackenzie Samples #MilkCoke
This gross concoction known as #MilkCoke apparently has thousands of fans around the world. It's not always good to rush to judgement on things, so I thought I should sample to confirm...then I thought it sounded too gross, so I asked Mackenzie to do it for me.
MSU Roof Collapse Could Have Been Tragic
I've been watching various social media feeds and of course there are many Griz fans leaving some pretty funny comments about the school known for architecture and engineering, but personally I am extremely happy we're not having to report some horrible tragedy and loss of life on our airw…