What's going on?

Best Pie in Billings
At Hog Wild, they still make these pies from scratch and they're worth every penny. The only negative is that they tend to run out of certain pies as the day goes on, but you do have the option to order a whole pie 24 hours ahead.
Time To Change The Marquee
For several years now I've been seeing the sign reminding me not to miss the Valentine's Day Buffet at the Four Seas. I was talking to my would-be sister-in-law, Stef, about the final days of the Four Seas and we can't remember exactly what year this buffet occurred.
Watch Out For Sex Crazed Ducks
It's Spring and these ducks are ready to get it on with their seemingly unwilling lady friends. Whenever they get into make-new-ducks mode, they seem to paint the rest of the world invisible, including traffic
Robocall Season Starts Today
Be advised, that the IRS is not going to call you to verify social security numbers or other information from your tax return. They simply don't work that way. If you get a call allegedly from the IRS, hang up. Even answering a few non personal questions can cause problems because there have…
Happy National Pet Day
When I was growing up, my family typically had a dog or two. We had some cats every now and then, but I wouldn't call them pets...more like exterminators. Currently, I don't live in a place that would be much fun for a dog, so I have a cat filling the pet void.
PBR At Metrapark This Weekend
Professional Bull Riding is one of the most dangerous sports in the world and with deep roots in Montana, it's no surprise that tickets for this weekend's PBR are a hot commodity.
Shazam At The Babcock Theater Thursday
As for Shazam itself, I obviously haven't seen it yet, but early reviews indicate that it will at least be fun. If you're into this genre, I say go for it. I should mention that my positive experience at the Babcock might have been due to the vast number of empty seats. I'm not sur…
Thanks BPD For Recovering My Stuff
I, like most honest people, can't stand thieves. I know there are worse crimes than stealing an undisclosed about of property and allegedly taking it to a pawnshop, but it feels so violating to have your space invaded, especially if it's your home.
Remember: Monday is April Fool's Day
Usually this is not a holiday that I partake in, but this year I've been debating whether or not to prank my daughter. She's taken to the habit of scaring me lately e.g. sneaking up behind me and saying, "Hi daddy!" in a loud voice. Pretty mild as far as pranks go, but it still…
My New Campfire Guitar
I bought myself a little "Jim Dandy" parlor sized guitar from Gretsch. It's small, cheap and not a big deal if it gets some road scars. My playing is essential for camping since it wards of bears and other people.
Four Family Vacations for Under $5,000
Family vacations are definitely a luxury, but those lifelong memories are worth it. When I vacation with my daughter, it's just the two of us, but I decided to price some trips out based on a family of four (two adults, two kids) for the destinations below. The prices vary greatly based on th…
Headwaters Country Jam Accommodations
If you're a fan of toilets, running water and beds, you might want to check out the Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks. I have visited the hotel, but I have never actually stayed there, so I can't vouch for the overnight experience, but I can tell you that the lobby, the patio and the food ge…
Register for Kids Bowl Free
I know we're just barely into Spring, but it's already time to start thinking about what to do with the kids when they get out of school for the Summer.

I'm a big fan of things that keep them off the couch and lie somewhere between free and cheap. Pricewise, the "Kids Bowl Fr…
Almost Drive In Movie Season
The kid and I enjoy going to the drive in every year and I'm excited that we're only a few weeks away from the Amusement Park Drive In opening up. According to their Facebook page, they're shooting for the first weekend of April, so we're only a couple of weeks out.
Your Kids Aren't Grown Until Their 30's
So, for today's parents, do you have an age in mind that you will demand your kids be on their own? I don't mean that you wouldn't give them a place to stay if they needed it or let them starve or any such other cruel thing.