What's going on?

Happy Birthday, Dad
My dad was born on this day in 1922, now 97. You have to wonder what his generations thinks about the direction of the country. I know he has said numerous times that he is glad he won't be around in 10 years to see what happens. He started saying that 30 years ago...
I'm For DeMolay
Today in 1919 The Order Of DeMolay was founded. And this is an organization that I joined in 1976 who's impact on me was immeasurable.
Try a Little Kindness
Many years ago I ran across a small book titled "Life's Little Instruction Booklet." It was filled with acts of kindness that people should try to do as they go through their life.

Another School on Board
In our quest to help make schools safer, we are proud to announce that Melstone Public Schools will now have another tool to use at their discretion, to provide a safe environment for students and staff. We have ordered another Garrett CS-5000 metal detector for their use...
Internet Dependent
I remember getting my first cell phone in 1996. But, I'd be hard pressed to remember what year I finally got internet at my home.
Free Pancakes!
Today is free pancake day at IHOP. Until 7 tonight you can get a free stack of pancakes, and if you like, make a donation as you leave. This year it will benefit the Shriner's Hospital for Children. Breakfast for dinner sounds good for tonight...
The Yellowstone County Spelling Bee
Paul and I emceed the Yellowstone County Spelling Bee for the twenty-second year in a row. Which sounds impressive, except for the fact a lot of the other volunteers have been involved for much longer than we have.
Friday Fragments - 3/8/19
Here's what you missed this week:

We have a new "smart device" in the Cat studio that can find any song. Just say "Hey, MARKSA" and ask for your tune.
During our "JD" game this week, we got a whole bunch of folks guess "Jeffery Dahmer…
Get on the Waiting List for the Next Flakes Trip
Just a note to let you know we have already started working on next year's destination for the Flakes trip. You might want to call the Travel Cafe and get on the "please notify list" as soon as possible. There are already 75 couples that have expressed interest...