She was supposed to play the KettleHouse Amphitheatre LAST year, but, you know, Covid. So, fast forward to last Friday night in Bonner, MT for a gathering of about 4,300 of Sheryl Crows closest friends. Including me.

On our way over, we were able to fit in a quick nine-hole round of golf in Three Forks at Headwaters Public Golf Course. It's a nice, nine-hole course with plenty of water.

After golf, we returned to the road as to give ourselves plenty of time before the concert. Upon arriving in Missoula, we stopped into a joint called Flippers. They have food and beverage aplenty.  The interesting part about this stop was the two gentlemen sitting next to us. They were what we used to call "hippies." Both were telling stories about hitchhiking across the country back when they were much younger. They would only stop in a town when they needed to work and make a little more money. Because, hitchhiking comes first, apparently.

So, it's time to head to the concert. Of all the great things about the KettleHouse, parking is not one of them. In fact, if I go to another show there, I'll take one of the shuttles from Missoula. So we had a pretty long walk to get in.

Johnny V joined our group sitting on the grass where we watched a very well done show.

Sheryl Crow's voice is even better live. She opened with "Every Day Is A Winding Road." After, she talked about seeing some folks who were floating on the river right behind the venue. These folks were fishing, cooking the fish, and doing shots of some magic elixir, which looked like fun.

She wrapped up with "Soak Up The Sun" which is my cue to get out of there and beat the traffic. Paul had a hissy fit this morning when I told him that. Even though she did two more songs (which you can hear while walking to your vehicle).

I lived in Missoula for a few years when I was trying to go to college in the mid-eighties. Today's Missoula is not the same as it was back then. One traffic tip for you. Don't try to go anywhere on North Reserve Street. Ever.

Farewell, Ms. Crow, until the next time we get together.

To summarize. Sheryl and I did NOT get married. I think politics would be an issue for us. She is very strong-willed.

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