So my son played his 14th game last night for Team Fuddruckers (Heights National Little League, 9-10 Majors) and it was a close one!

The entire game my son's team was behind!  We couldn't believe it.  They have a 13-0 record!  Most of us thought it was about time they had a super close game though.  Just to keep the kids focused on the game and quite frankly, to keep them a bit more humble.

Well as the game went, first 2-4, then 2-5, on to 4-6 in the 6th inning.  We thought there was no way to come back from that. started down pouring. "Great" was all we thought. As it turns out, apparently "down pouring" is good for getting back in the game.

Heights National Little League
Tara Nicole

We tied it up 6-6 and went in to the 7th inning!  Woohoo! The other team was up to bat and we were all super nervous.  Then 1,2,3 outs and its now us up to bat.  My son got on 1st, pushed to 2 and to 3rd.  Then with a pop fly that was caught, he tagged the base and ran in the winning home run!  It sounds kind of hokey, but the crowd did go wild.  All in the pouring rain too!  I even jumped out of my car where I was watching to cheer him on!

Baseball... what a game.  Next game, tomorrow night.  Hopefully it rains just enough to bring in a win.

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