We should all hope to find a love like theirs
Today is bittersweet. It's my parents', John and Carol Gallagher, 59th wedding anniversary, but sadly my dad is not here to celebrate with his bride as he passed away three years ago this past December. The photo is from when they renewed their vows on their 25th anniversary...
Any Suggestions?
Remember years ago when we use to do our free concerts?  Well, we are only 1 year away from the Cat's 30th anniversary.  It would be nice to do something for all of you who have listened so loyally for so long.
If we could do a free concert for you, do you have any suggestions on…
Mount St Helens Anniversary
Mount. St. Helen's blew on this date 36 years today. And a lot of folks remember the time pretty well. For me, it was meant spending some time with my folks.
I attended school in Great Falls so I was a junior in high school. That meant that I had to try to find things that I had in common with m…
It's My 18th Wedding Anniversary
Right off the bat I can honestly tell you I don't deserve my wife Monica. She's been my partner and friend for the last 20 years and my wife for the last 18. I am 49 but with the maturity level of an 25 year-old (I'm probably overestimating here)...
America Remembers
Beverly & Pack/Flickr
The last thing you need is me pontificating about September 11th.  We all know where we were, who we were with and what we were doing.  Sometimes though, pictures don't hurt.
I just hope we can turn this tragedy into a day of service.  ...
Win Tickets to The Band Perry This Wednesday
Tickets to The Band Perry are up for grabs on Wednesday June 27 during the Montana Lottery’s 25th Anniversary Party!  Stop by and see me at Cenex at 24th and Lewis from 3:00p.m. and 5:00p.m. and get signed up!

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