Opportunity Razes Rimview
The Billings Gazette reports Opportunity Bank is officially moving forward with its planned expansion Monday, as demolition crews raze the old Rimview Inn at North 27th Street and 10th Avenue. The bank reportedly purchased the hotel in January of this year with plans to build its third Billings bran…
What Is The Best Bank or Credit Union In Billings?
The worst thing in the WHOLE world happened today to me.... Card. Theft.
That's not the worst part though. The worst and most sucky part is I have to get a new debit card. Like... what the heck did I do to deserve having to switch all my bills to a new card...
Survey Shows 650,000 Bank Customers Switched to Credit Unions
While Bank of America and other major banks have now scrapped a widely-derided plan to charge customers a monthly fee for using their debit cards, a new survey shows at least 650,000 people closed their accounts with those banks in the past month and fled to more consumer-friendly credit unions.