Billings Summer Guide 2019

Making Homemade Drinks With A Ginger Bug
If you've never had homemade Ginger Ale or Root Beer, you're missing out. You can actually make some delicious fizzy beverages without having to buy anything special and it all starts with a thing called a "ginger bug".
AUDIO: 50 Years of the Fort Peck Summer Theatre
The Fort Peck Summer Theatre is one of those Montana "bucket-list" items. If you haven't made the trip to Northeastern Montana- you are missing out.
This summer the theatre celebrates their 50th Anniversary, but, in reality, their history goes back much further- to th…
Perfect Summertime Food - Just Add Salt
I can't imagine a summer without having some watermelon outside at least once. The perfect end to a meal of grilled burgers, dogs, and the typical sides. Recently, while at such an event, I did my usual routine of grabbing a big slice of watermelon and then putting a nice layer of salt on it.…