Montana's Favorite Flavor Of Jelly Bean Is...
Easter (4/21) and National Jelly Bean Day (4/22) are falling on back-to-back days this year so sales of the sugary confection are expected to hit record levels. One candy maker is calling 2019 the "perfect storm for a jelly bean supernova."
The Parade
The St. Patty's Day parade is 3 weeks from Saturday. If we don't get any warmer between now and then, they will have to cancel it . More people get hurt falling on the ice than trying to retrieve candy.........
Parade Candy
The DBA in Billings wants stricter enforcement of the no candy for kids law at our parades. I think that's ridiculous. Candy at parades is about as American as you can get. What's next; no bicycles, no skate boarding, no sledding because of safety concerns...
Here’s How To Figure Out How Much Halloween Candy You Need To Buy
Yes. There is a legitimate equation for figuring just how much Halloween candy you should buy for trick-or-treating! The housing blog Apartment Therapy has come up with a formula. The formula is as follows...   kids in your neighborhood DIVIDED BY servings in one bag of candy MULTIPLIED BY quality of decorations in the neighborhood on a scale of 1 to 5 PLUS quality of the weather on a scale of 1 t

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