Historic Heart-Shaped Brand Up for Auction in Montana
Check out this cattle brand that is coming up for auction later this month. It is a heart-shaped cattle brand that has been in one family all the way back since it was first registered in 1873. The brand was first registered to O.C. Whitney of Ennis, Montana on February 10, 1873.
Friday Fragments
After the first round at the Tangle, my team is tied for 56th, and not in last place as I originally thought.
Why I Won't Accept Help During Branding
I've often been asked if I need any help during branding. I turn down almost all of it. Branding can be dangerous and you just can't take the chance of getting someone hurt. The cows are on edge and the calves are cute but strong and powerful too...
Want To Get Into The Cattle Business
Hey, if anyone out there wants to get into the cattle business, I have some bum calves that need to go. This week's special is two for the price of two or three for the price of three. Hurry, this offer will not last long. Member MSGA-RAA